A lot of people ask Richard, why more men are making it in the kitchen these days? Many of us grew up with our mums ruling the culinary castle at home. Cooking was seen as woman’s work and everything about the kitchen was designed to suit Ma Kettle not Pa Kettle. Things have changed in the 21C, with more men making their faces known on celebrity TV cooking shows than women and cooking finding its macho edge more generally. Restaurant cooks and chefs have, traditionally, been the domicile of more men than women, although that is changing rapidly.

Slaves Worked in the Kitchen, Historically Speaking

Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential spilled the beans on the dark corners of the commercial kitchen in the twentieth century. Line cooks and their unsavoury habits competing for the award for most down and dirty inside a restaurant kitchen. Blokes, now, think they belong in the kitchen in ways that they never used to. Historically the kitchen was not an attractive place because it was where the household slaves did their work in ancient Rome. This set the order of the day for many centuries into and through medieval times. One did not aspire to working in the kitchen unless you were coming from a worse midden.

Gender Reversal in the Kitchen

The kitchens in most homes today, are far removed from the dark and dank caverns of yesteryear. Click here for some smart examples of designer kitchens available on the local market. Many women would say that they welcome the gender reversal happening in many kitchens around Australia. They might say that their mothers and grandmothers, often, felt like slaves in those poorly designed kitchens in our past. Equality of the sexes means more women working longer hours and, therefore, they cannot be expected to prepare all the meals on top of this working commitment.

American Men Cooking More in the Kitchen

Studies have revealed that more men are cooking in the kitchen in America. The home of fast food and obesity via unhealthy eating habits could sure do with some good news on this front. More men cooking means more fathers cooking and that means more positive role modelling for their male kids. Hopefully, they are cooking healthy food in their kitchens, if it results in less reliance on fatty fast foods and sugary drinks it will be a blessing.