In the wake of the deflating news that China had dumped our recycling waste, it is timely to do a waste management update Sydney 2018. In many ways residents and businesses in Sydney are, in my opinion, entitled to feel somewhat duped by the recycling spin that we all endured for decades. The positive PR surrounding recycling in this country was massively overblown and did not reflect the real situation in anyway. Recycling practices were seriously inadequate and the message sent out to the general public was false and misleading. Consumers of waste management services in NSW were not properly instructed as to the correct protocol relating to recyclables.

Lack of Investment in Local Recycling Infrastructure

It is now revealed, post China’s pull out, that there is a substantial lack of investment in local recycling infrastructure. Councils around the country have threatened to end their recycling on the basis of the costs being too great with China off the table. It is likely that rates could rise around the nation on the basis of much higher costs to maintain recycling waste programs. This is a great opportunity for investors and business entrepreneurs to get into waste management and recycling locally. Click here for a good example of this.

Illegal Dumping a Growing Waste Problem in NSW

Last month 600 truckloads of waste material containing asbestos disappeared illegally from a Green Town Square Centre development site in Sydney. Land owners in NSW have been warned to be vigilant if accepting landfill on their properties in the wake of this disappearance. A man was arrested at the Sydney International Airport relating to this offence and others. The NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) are investigating the whereabouts of the 17 000 tonnes of infected waste material. Fraud and illegal dumping in the waste management industry is a growing problem.

Sydney’s Putrescible Waste Management Issue

Ian Cohen, a respected ecologist and green politician of long standing, writes about the major putrescible waste problem confronting Sydney in 2018 and beyond. This is the animal, plant and food matter thrown out in the rubbish. According to Cohen, Sydney is running out of places to put this kind of waste. In Europe, sending putrescible waste to landfill is outlawed in many countries like Germany. The NSW state government sold off its waste management services, WSN Environmental Solutions earlier this year, in true conservative tradition. This service looks after 90% of the population of Sydney.