Many people ask Richard whether things like herbal medicine and natural health approaches to healing, more generally, actually work. Are the complementary medicines potions or notions: Natural health or placebo effect? There has been a great deal of discussion in the media and within society regarding the efficacy of complementary medicine. Doctors and GPs and the medical science fraternity regularly accuse purveyors and practitioners of alternative medicine of being quacks and charlatans. There are vested interests in the healthcare market and we all need to remember that this is a business. Giant pharmaceutical companies make trillions of dollars globally selling drugs to the sick.

GPS Are Feted by Pharmaceutical Corporations

GPs are feted by these pharmaceutical corporations and the health business in Australia is a drug business primarily. Doctors write our prescriptions for patients, who, then, purchase these medicines from the pharmacy. The professors who teach and train doctors do not appreciate competition in the form of natural health practitioners and manufacturers of substances like herbal medicines. Their financial masters in the pharmaceutical companies appreciate this competition, even, less. Healthcare is a business, it is not carried out by bleeding hearts and Florence Nightingales. The white lab coat has become an iconic image, which suggests good intentions and, somehow, diminishes the avaristic reality of the private enterprise run GP system in this country.

The Scrutiny of the Medical Establishment

The standards of manufacturing for herbal medicines and vitamins in this country have improved in recent years. Perhaps, we owe that to the scrutiny of the medical establishment and Big Pharma. Check this out , as an example of a quality provider of herbal medicine in Australia in the 21C. Stringent standards have been set to ensure that the public is not duped or something worse when taking complementary medicines. Of course, it is useful to remember that far more Australians die every year from wrongly prescribed dosages of pharmaceutical drugs, than anyone actually dies from alternative medicine. Despite this the newspapers and media seize on the one example every few years and blithely ignore the real problem.

Two Out of Every Three Australians

Two our of every three Australian adults has visited a practitioner of complementary medicine or used their natural health products. This figure is so large because many of the pharmaceutical drugs do not cure chronic conditions like asthma, allergies, arthritis and many mental health issues. People are searching for solutions to their health problems. Are the complementary medicines potions or notions: Natural health or placebo effect? It cannot be denied that many natural health practitioners spend more time with their patients than the average GP. Human beings want to be listened to and not just bundled off with a drug prescription.