We live in a world where politicians talk the talk but, rarely, walk the walk. Similarly, the diplomats and bureaucrats who tread the stage at the United Nations, talk a lot about human rights and diversity but they are toothless tigers on the domestic front, where laws are made and policed. Corporate America and the transnationals demand unflinching service from their highly paid minions and do not give a fig about their integrity. Profits matter and everything else comes second. In this world, you have to pose the question, do your actions match your ideals?

A Moral Compass for Our Kids to Follow

Some cynical survivors of the system may tilt their heads back and laugh loudly at this suggestion, knowing that they traded in any ideals many years ago. A large section of the community might say that we exchange our ideals for material security, so that we can provide for our families. Paying off the mortgage and getting our kids through their schooling and into university does not come cheap in the 21C. We teach our children the right way to be and, hopefully, instil a moral compass for them to follow. We say the right words but do our actions match our ideals?

Business Combining Ideals with Profit

There are still activists and moral evangelists out there, attempting to change the world for the better. Check out this site, which provides cruelty free cosmetics to consumers and draws attention to the plight of animals being badly used in product testing in this industry. There are businesses combining their ideals with the profit motive and hoping to have their cake and eat it too, I suppose. Capitalism, rarely, does a whole lot of good for the many, rather it benefits the few over the many. The rich get richer and the super wealthy get, even, more disgustingly over endowered by material riches and power.

Ending World Hunger?

Most of us turn away from the big problems and content ourselves with our little patch. Alternatively, we distract ourselves with sport and entertainment. Ending world hunger has been on the agenda of the UN for decades and very little headway has been made toward achieving that. Slavery still exists in corners of the globe, sex and child slavery operates in the war torn and neglected parts of our world. Human rights get talked about a hell of a lot but all that hot air does not necessarily translate into positive action. Do your actions match your ideals?